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Gas & Plumbing Services Las Vegas NVAt long last, your dream home is in sight. You hired a professional remodeler and fell in love with the design they created. In no time, you’ll be flipping burgers in your outdoor kitchen, cuddling with your loved ones around a gas fireplace, or basking in the ambiance of your own personal spa. All you need is a trusted contractor to deliver the gas and plumbing services that your remodel requires. For homeowners in Las Vegas, Nevada, that contractor is Las Vegas Connects.

A Licensed & Experienced Plumbing Company Specializing in Interior & Exterior Remodels

We offer a range of gas and plumbing services for both exterior renovations and interior installations. These include installing:

Our team has a combined 40 years of experience, and every project we take on is overseen by a superintendent to ensure nothing but the highest standards of craftsmanship every step of the way.

Gas Connections to the Main Line

Gas-powered appliances, such as outdoor kitchens, are wonderful additions to any home, but they need a reliable fuel source to run properly. And, while some homeowners simply opt for propane, the tank can run out of gas, leaving the appliance inoperable. Sometimes a gas stub is included in a new construction home, but even this can be unreliable as it may not have enough PSIs to provide the proper amount of fuel. At Las Vegas Connects, we’ll connect your outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or other fixture to the main gas line, ensuring ideal and uninterrupted performance.

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To learn more about why our gas and plumbing services are the right choice for your home in Las Vegas, NV, contact the specialists at Las Vegas Connects today.

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“They installed 9 flood lights in my backyard for landscape lighting. The entire process was very efficient, professional, and the work they did was excellent. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them.”

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“My barbecue didn't have big enough gas lines. Las Vegas Connects did an amazing job and in a very timely manner. I'm very satisfied that my barbecue works properly. I'm definitely going to use Las Vegas Connects again in the future.”

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